Kung Fu Girl Riesling Is No Bully 2009

On a recent road trip I saw a bottle of Kung Fu Girl, and I loved the label art and especially the price. Since I didn’t know anything about the wine I passed and bought a familiar bottle since we were entertaining.

Fortunately, that label stuck in my head for months and I finally had to look it up on the internet. For $12, it was rated 90 by Wine Spectator, and now I was kicking myself for not buying it. So I looked and looked, and I finally found a bottle of the 2009 Kung Fu Girl Riesling at Whole Foods.

This wine is 100% from the Columbia Valley in WA from a single vineyard. I love single vineyard wines because there will always be a consistency in taste from year to year. Of course, there are other factors, but you are getting grapes from the same vine year after year. That works out great if you like the wine and for a bottle that costs $12, that’s an incredible attribute. If you want to read the wine tasting notes from the winery you can read them here and the website to the winery is here: Charles Smith Wines.

I don’t normally drink white wine, but this wine was fantastic. It was smooth and crisp with a very pleasant fruity aroma. I paired it with a spicy dish and it cut through the heat with remarkable ease. If I had to pair it with salmon or a dish normally served with a chardonnay I wouldn’t hesitate a second to serve Kung Fu Girl Riesling. It would be a lighter tasting companion, and yet, it has enough depth to make it memorable with a good meal. I also think this wine would be great by itself while talking with friends. It’s versatile, friendly, good tasting, and non-pretentious.

Whoever is their graphic artist deserves a commission because without that cool label I wouldn’t have looked it up. Never-the-less, Charles Smith has a new fan. After looking up more info on the internet, he was Food and Wine’s 2009 winemaker of the year. So you are getting a lot of bang for the dollar.

Charles Smith Winery’s view is that people buy wine to drink immediately and I once read that the average time a bottle is “owned” by the new owner is less than an hour. If you bought Kung Fu Girl Riesling don’t worry about wine storage, because it’s ready to drink now. I am now looking forward to trying out their other wines, such as Velvet Devil.


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