In the works: Dinner Party Menu

I am going to have a dinner party, but the only problem is, I don’t know when.  Being proactive, I am already working on my menu for a 6 to 7 course tasting menu.  Here it is, and I will update this as time goes on. In the past I have done 2 menus, a vegetarian and a regular menu but this time I want to go upscale on one menu and try to hit it out of the park. The main theme is very Asian, but with European influences.

1st Course : Halibut Ceviche – 2 ways

Halibut with Sweat Pea Wasabi Sprinkled with Shaved Daikon

White-Soy-Yuzu marinated Halibut, Seaweed, and Spiced “Rice Crispies”

2nd Course: Almond, garlic, and grapes gazpacho

3rd Course: My Version of the Spring Roll

– pounded shrimp glazed with olive oil infused with thai peppers and layered with cucumber and

foie gras and then wrapped in rice paper. Served with a spicy shrimp sambal.

4th Course: Caviar Nestled in Linguine with Warm Sea Urchin Sauce

5th Course: Spicy Dumpling w/ Quail Egg

with Seared Black Cod in a Chorizo Broth

The dumpling is influenced with Spanish style sausage tucked in a Chinese package and the cod is cooked in a Chinese style with a Spanish broth.

6th Course: “Bacon and Eggs”

Crispy Pork Belly and Baby Calamari Basquaise Sauce served along a Poached Egg

7th Course: “Peanut Butter and Jelly”

Peanut Butter Truffles &

Yuzu and Concord Grape Jellies

Served with a Cappuccino Semifredo


One thought on “In the works: Dinner Party Menu

  1. That sounds fabulous to me Loren! Halibut is my most favorite fish, and the emphasis on seafood is very pleasing to me. I am one of those pseudo vegetarians….not eating red meat but love free range chicken, duck, and all seafoods. Michael will eat anything and love it!!!!

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