Alto Cedro Malbec Año Cero 2008

In December 2001, I went to Argentina for my very first time and I fell in love with this country and especially, Mendoza.  One of the mandatory requirements, besides wine drinking, is going to the Parque General San Martín. It is larger than New York’s Central Park and is beautiful in every way. Watch the crew teams row on the lake or relax on the grass lawns. It is such a lovely park to spend time in. See the map (map) There are also many other smaller parks and the central square that are also special and worth visiting. Remember that during our winter it’s summer time in Argentina. A great place to escape the winter blues.

This the second part of three, describing wines that remind me of this trip. My criteria is that they are affordable, drinkable, and have a distinct flavor. This wine is a Malbec from Alto Cedro and it’s important to note that they make two types of Malbec. I am reviewing the 2008 Alto Cedro Malbec Año Cero or Zero Year. 30% of the grapes are aged for six months in French oak barrels and is designed for immediate easy drinking. If you go to the wine store and buy this wine you will be able to drink it right away without concern. There is also a Alto Cedro Malbec Reserva that is more complex and full bodied and is designed for the full bodied wine enthusiast.

The Alto Cedro Malbec Año Cero 2008 did not disappoint my continued journey of Mendoza wines. I really enjoyed this Malbec’s full bodied nature, and firm flavors that remained fresh. One of the reasons I like Malbec so much is the amount of enjoyment that each drink offers, you don’t have to drink Malbec fast and a little goes a long way. This wine brings warmth to your entire body and will soothe your soul. There are other Malbec’s that may rate better, but for a price range of $16-$19 this wine is a suitable buy, and it is fine drinkable wine.  I had two bottles of this wine and enjoyed them both very much.  Despite the low price, it still rates very well among industry wine reviewers and fellow wine drinkers.

As Malbec’s go, the 2008 Año Cero is a great fit for those trying a Malbec for the very first time. I would pair this wine with a nice steak, or even a hamburger. It has the character to really enhance bold flavors from your meal.

Prices range from $16-$19/ bottle and you can see the winery and more detail at this link……. (Alto Cedro 2008)


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