As a home cook, the week of thanksgiving is all about the food. Do I have everything?, is everything cooked properly?, and does it taste okay? During that time you forget why you are having that meal in the first place. As I remember the whirlwind of last week, I do have to say thank you for having one of the best Thanksgivings in a long time.

It was special because I got to spend two days with my beautiful 3-year-old daughter who was a perfect teammate.  She helped me pick up some fresh pork belly that was 2 hours away and do all of the thanksgiving dinner shopping together. The time at the park and hanging out watching TV or play was icing on top of the cake.

Then we had my wife’s parents in town, and it was one of the first times my mother in-law was able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without the hassles of cooking herself. To have all of us around the table was very special. Cooking is a lot of work but when you allow people to enjoy the holidays, it worth every minute of prep and cook time. I am thankful they were able to make the trip to visit us. Going shopping and seeing Alessandra take a photo with Santa for the first time was very neat.

I am thankful for my wife and daughter who make everything possible, and to all of family who always support me. We don’t talk on the phone every day, but when trouble comes I can always count on them.

I want to send a special thanks to Jerry and Jane Patopea, and Gary and Sheri Zellner. We own a dog that is so perfect, and the best handler is training her. I am glad that I was on the short list to get one of the puppies. Her name is Princess of Monaco “Grace”.

Thanksgiving  is about giving thanks for the past, but also for the future help that you will get. Once the leftovers are gone or thrown away,  it still is a good time to say thank you for everything you have.  I sure will.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays!


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