Donato Enoteca – Good First Impression

As a part of my normal day, I manage corporate cash for a large company. I do dream of other means of subsistence but this job does have some perks. For one, I do get a very nice discount on video games, since that large company I work for, is Electronic Arts. Being asked out to lunch for business discussions and sales pitches is the other perk. As a result, I was lucky to have lunch at restaurant that was new to me, and our bankers at Wells Fargo are great people who just want to say hello once a year.

The menu is very traditional Italian, and I mean that in a very good way. I was looking heavily at the roasted duck leg risotto, but when I saw the carbonara I had to ask, “Is this true carbonara?” Our waiter replied, “yes, a true carbonara. It’s made with guanciale, cheese, and egg.”  I love carbonara, and I cook it often at home because nobody makes it in a restaurant. To be honest, when I heard guanciale I was going to order this dish. This piece of pork is so much better than pancetta or bacon.

I had high expectations for this simple little dish, and I was not disappointed. The dish was fairly priced at $10, and the flavor was well-balanced between the cheese and the fried pork. The only negative was that I couldn’t have a glass of wine since I was on the clock.

The appetizers dishes of calamari and the prosciutto were also very rustic and rang Italian. No fried calamari here, just freshly cook squid with a drizzle of olive oil. Simple, but with great flavors. Along with seasonality, that is Italian style cooking.

I plan to go back soon with my wife and daughter for another trip to culinary Italy.


Donato Enoteca
1041 Middlefield Rd
Redwood City, CA 94063

(650) 701-1000


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