“Project Fishmap” – A Helpful Application Available To Find Sustainable Fish

During an episode on Top Chef Season 6, Rick Moonen was a guest judge and he carried his message of using sustainable fish. I really took this to heart since I used to love Chilean Sea Bass, but I am happy to say that I haven’t eaten or cooked with it for over two years.

As a home cook and consumer of fish I always have a choice of what I buy at the market. With an Iphone application I can easily find sustainable fish sources near me or verify if the fish at my local market is sustainable. The goal of the program is to encourage healthy fishing practices to ensure a stable fish population for future generations. Go to http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/cr/SeafoodWatch/web/sfw_iPhone.aspx

The application has three main purposes:

1) When you are at the market, you can easily look up the fish type and see if the market is carrying sustainable fish. Stick to fish that are within the Best Choice or Good Alternative and please stay away from the Avoid list. As consumers, by avoiding these types of fish, we are utilizing our power as consumers. If they have no buyers, they will not carry it.

2) There is a helpful sushi guide that will tell you if the sushi  you are eating comes from sustainable sources. Granted, most sushi chefs will not tell you where the fish came from but the guide has very good information. Until this application I never knew that Unagi (eel) was on the avoid list.

3) Project Fishmap is the new addition from the recent application upgrade. Using Google maps it will determine your location and give you a list of restaurants and markets nearby with a report of what type of sustainable fish they carry. As more people write reports, we can quickly find sustainable sources.

This is a free and easy to use application from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Organization and I hope that people take a look.


One thought on ““Project Fishmap” – A Helpful Application Available To Find Sustainable Fish

  1. Two years with no Chilean Sea Bass! Kudos to you! I’ve been clean myself for several years now and, with fresh local black cod, don’t see myself ever using again 🙂

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