The Kids Cook Monday – January 3, 2011

Over the weekend my daughter was dying to cook something. We had spent the better part of the holiday week in the kitchen while I was practicing some cooking techniques, and I think being a spectator was no longer in her plans. My plan for us was to make asian pork buns from David Chang‘s Momofuku cookbook and then place chicken or any kid friendly protein and vegetables to finish.

Making the bun from this recipe is a great kid friendly activity since there are no eggs in the dough. A similar recipe from David Chang is here, and for Alessandra, I only made the pork buns. (note: the pork portion is very tasty) It’s very straight forward but this allowed Alessandra involvement every step of the way. I had her measure all of the ingredients and place them into the bowl, and start the mixer with dough hook. Once the dough was ready in a couple of hours, she made several buns herself using her own rolling-pin.

The fruit of her success was when she ate some of her buns straight from the steamer and loved it. This is the part that I love the most when she cooks her own food. When she is proud of her work it makes me so happy. We are going to use these buns for snacks for the upcoming school week and you can place almost anything in these buns. The best part is that they store amazingly well in the refrigerator or stored in freezer lock bags. You just have to place them in a steamer until heated through.

After a little work, you should have 40-50 buns and a happy child.

I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to the next time.


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