Wine Memories of 2010 or the GourmetDad Wine Awards

I hate to admit, but I like to drink a lot of wine. Perhaps I don’t finish the bottle but having a couple of glasses of wine every couple of nights is very nice. Throughout the year I have had bad wine, good discoveries, and wines that have made a positive impact on my wine expectations.

Without a lot of fan fare here are the wines that I loved the most:

Biggest Revelation:

Charles Smith “Kung Fu Girl” Riesling. At $12 for a bottle of this bottle of wine is truly amazing.  Unpretentious and drinkable, unscrew that cap and start pouring this wine and begin drinking. This and the other wines from Charles Smith will save you a ton of cash without sacrifice.

Best White Wine:

2008 South Coast Winery “GVR” . At $20 per bottle it’s affordable, but it’s very crisp and clean tasting. Everybody we have shared this wine with has remarked how nice a bottle it was. It was one of the memorable selections from our dinner at The Plumed Horse in Saratoga, and I am glad we have a case of it at home.

Best Red Wine:

2007 Gramercy Cellars Syrah. At $42 per bottle it still has remarkable value. We tried a lot of reds throughout the year, and some cost two or three times more. This wine was amazing, full-bodied, fresh, and said “wow” with every drink. We had it for our New Years Eve celebration with Italian food and it was superb. I’m sad to say that I only had one bottle of this wine in the cellar. They are now sold-out of the 2007, but I will look to Gramercy for future wines. btw..if you see a bottle of 2007, get it.

My Daily Drinker:

Ben Marco Malbec. I have loved this wine maker for almost 10 years and they deliver a true Malbec in the US for under $20 a bottle.


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