Alessandra Helps Buy Pork and Homemade Pesto.

My poor 3-year-old sous chef had the flu this weekend so we didn’t cook together. On the bright side, we did manage to take a trip to visit our supplier of freshly harvested pig. My daughter had a good time and it really wasn’t different from going to a butcher. While we didn’t cook we did share that time together buying a key ingredient for our future dishes. I am also hoping that the intrinsic value of knowing where her food comes from will benefit her since I truly believe that  young children want to know what they eat. To her credit, even with a 102 degree fever she still wanted to watch me cut the meat into smaller sizes. Her open mind and willingness to observe is priceless.

The type of pork we buy is Mangalitsa pig and it is a very special pig, in my opinion.  These pigs age naturally, are fed with high quality ingredients like acorns, and they are not subject to any unnatural chemicals or hormones.  I couldn’t be luckier to have a local supplier, but this pig is available through quality retails outlets. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or recommendations.

One of my favorite cooking moments with Alessandra was when we made homemade pesto. Very easy for children to help with and very tasty. To keep it healthy for children put a small amount of pesto in a plastic bag and then add the cooked pasta. Shake it and coat the pasta to serve.

Here is the recipe and the story behind Alessandra and I making pesto. [Link]




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