The Kids Cook Monday – March 7, 2011 Powerpuff Girls – “Beat Your Greens”

Recently our daughter renewed her interest in the Powerpuff Girls, and there is one episode in particular that came in handy as a parent. We are very lucky because on a daily basis Alessandra loves fruits and vegetables. Normally we don’t have a problem, but there was a stretch of time that if you mentioned vegetables, it would be tantrum city. Nothing was going to make her eat vegetables. Until…….The Powerpuff Girls.

In this episode, the children of Townsville must eat the Alien Broccoli to ward off the imminent attack on the city. The quote, “We got to eat them to beat them” was the key statement of how the Powerpuff girls were able to lead the kids to victory and it was also my winning statement in trying to get Alessandra to eat her veggies. As parents we try to minimize the amount of TV and cartoons she see’s daily, but this was like fighting fire with fire. It worked like a charm. As we watch the cartoon today we definitely notice a lot of the pro-girl lessons in the cartoon. Now that we are raising are own super daughter, these little lessons sure do help!

Thank you Powerpuff Girls for being a helpful part of the day. Alessandra doesn’t watch much TV but we are happy with the Powerpuff girls.


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