The Kids Cook Monday – April 4, 2011 – “Gluten Free Cupcakes” and “Broccoli”

This weekend was my daughter’s 4-year-old birthday party and we celebrate Alessandra’s birthday like there was no tomorrow. Probably with more enthusiasm than even Christmas. This day changed our lives for the better and we love seeing our princess as the center of attention. Invited to her party was her entire class at school, and many other friends. In all, 23 kids were there to celebrate. Fun times!!

There are two girls in her class that require a gluten-free diet because their families all have celiac disease. Even though Alessandra was the guest of honor, we still provided the two children and the mom their own gluten-free cupcakes instead of cake. Recipes are plentiful, many bakeries make them, and store-bought gluten-free cupcake mix are also available at many stores. Baking with children is a ton of fun, and frosting the cup cake using a piping bag makes it even more interactive. Call it just a cupcake, but these girls normally have to watch other kids eat when they go to a birthday party. They sat next to Alessandra while she cut her cake they were so happy, and our daughter was proud in making somebody else happy through food.

The second part of this week’s post is about choices. After the big birthday bash weekend and cooking for our guests over the weekend, Alessandra wanted to go out to eat. We cook a majority of the time at home, but we do go out once in a while. One of the cutest things about Alessandra is that we both like eating at a restaurant than taking it home via take out. After picking her up from school, she needed new shoes and to the shock of the sales associate at checkout she told him that she was going to eat “only broccoli” for dinner. We are so blessed. Unless we go to a nicer restaurant, sometimes you have no idea of what you are eating. We went to a Hawaiian fast food restaurant, and I let her order whatever she wanted…

Here is dinner:

Yes, we didn’t cook tonight but this wouldn’t be much different from cooking at home. In all, we had a great time talking at dinner, we made funny faces at each other, and she ate a lot of food. Alessandra got to eat out, and I felt good that she made good food decisions without my help. I cannot complain that we got to spend quality time together too.

Have a great week!


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