2008 Ex Umbris Syrah from Owen Roe

On New Years Eve we had a bottle of Gramercy Cellars 2007 Syrah as our wine for dinner. As luck would have it, the Somelier was our waiter who was also a big fan of Columbia Valley, WA wines. He also recommended Owen Roe and a host of other local wines. I recently had a bottle of the 2008 Ex Umbris Syrah; cost $24/bottle. Columbia Valley is truly blessed with some great soil and terrain because the wines coming from this region are making me think twice about local wines from Napa. Yes, I prefer the wines from Washington over many of the wines from Napa.

The 2008 Ex Umbris Syrah was very smooth and equally bold with a lovely finish to every sip. When I have a bottle that tastes great from the first drink to the last, I really like it and this bottle was one of the few that had my immediate approval. I immediately wanted another bottle, and look forward to when I have another bottle of this wine paired with some mangalitsa pork filled ravioli. I highly recommend this wine for any occasion. Wine Spectator gives it a rating of 92 and a drink date up to 2014.



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