Where Has Gourmet Dad Been?

I am so sorry for being so remiss and unable to write anything about my cooking. There has been many days of cooking with Alessandra, but I have also been dreaming of the ultimate cooking experience. Before I mention my dream, I will say that Alessandra and I have been cooking away and she recently took on a Ferran Adria recipe with grand style. It’s from the book “The Family Meal” and it’s a great book for any family. I will write on that for tomorrow’s The Kids Cook Monday.

Now, I want to explain my dream. For the longest time I have always wanted to cook for people on a regular basis. If I had the money, I would probably cook every Saturday for 20 people, but I just cannot afford to do it. That’s when the “light bulb” came on, and the realization of having an underground restaurant would be perfect. Now, this isn’t to make a ton of money but it will help supplement each meal. We have called it, La Bombilla. In Spanish that means the light bulb. The goal is have many courses, treat each course with equal importance, and use local and organic ingredients to provide a great dinner experience at an affordable price.

Our first dinner will be December 3. You can see the sister blog at La Bombilla

I hope you take a look at the menu and hopefully I can have the ultimate honor of serving you dinner.


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