Puree of Sunchoke Soup, Radish Shoots, and Baby Mushrooms

Sorry for the long period of neglecting the GourmetDad blog. I have been working so hard in trying to get La Bombilla off the ground that I just didn’t have time. The GourmetDad blog will more active going forward, and if you have time, I would welcome you to look at my La Bombilla Dinner Club blog.

Now to the tasty world of cooking and this comes from the French Laundry cookbook, and the Puree of Sunchoke soup was amazing to eat. For this recipe, I didn’t make the Argula pudding but I can say that we made it at the last La Bombilla event and it was extremely good. For this version I had extra baby mushrooms that I didn’t want to waste so I put them to work with some radish shoots.

Sunchoke Soup – From French Laundry Cookbook (10 servings)

50 grams butter

50 grams thinly sliced onions (Cippolini)

400 grams thinly sliced peeled sunchokes

4 grams sugar

12 grams kosher salt

1 kg chicken stock (vegetable stock for vegetarian )

100 grams heavy cream

½ pound of mushrooms

Radish shoots

Melt the butter in the saucepan

Add onion and sweet until soft

Add sunchokes and then add sugar, salt, and stock

Bring to a simmer and cook until sunchokes are soft and stock reduced in half.

Add cream and bring to a simmer.

Puree soup immediately, or refrigerate.

For the mushrooms

Heat saute pan with olive oil and add mushrooms

Cook until done, and add salt and pepper to taste.

To finish add mushrooms and radish shoots to bowl and then add warmed up soup to the bowl. Serve and enjoy!


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